Case Study

Designing and Facilitating a Workshop for Province-wide Collaboration


Sport hosting organizations across British Columbia see the economic potential and community benefits of hosting events and tournaments. Rather than competing against each other, cities can shift from an approach that is fragmented toward one that is collaborative; optimizing numerous benefits for communities. Working together, BC has the potential to be known as an enviable destination for the best sporting events – on a global, national and provincial scale.


  • Designed an experience to move participants from fragmented, and reactive to collaborative, and proactive
  • Collaborated with community and provincial partners to shape a half day workshop
  • Coached presenters on content development and delivery
  • Facilitated session and recorded takeaways and actions
  • Supported client for follow up with workshop participants


Engaging with 40 participants from across the province, the workshop set the foundation to build a Province-wide events strategy. Roundtable discussions allowed Ministry representatives to hear from communities across the province. Shaped a dialogue for more consistent forms of collaboration between industry and government to build an attractive events portfolio for British Columbia.


“Roundtable format for discussion was fantastic. A great mix of different experts at the table that drove discussion and innovation.”  Workshop Participant

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