Case Study

Supporting a social venture to rise up during the pandemic


Customers do not understand this social venture’s value and impact in the community. And – out of nowhere, it needed to navigate through a global pandemic. Its community needed more help than ever before.


  • Refining the brand and sharing the legacy story and impact of a critical social enterprise based in the resort community of Whistler, British Columbia.
  • Creating the brand guidelines and integrating platforms for communications, advocacy and fundraising.
  • Introduced marketing strategy and planning tools to help celebrate its history as well as strengthen its brand and industry presence.


The team at the Whistler Community Services Society now have a strong foundation to tell their story, build community, raise funds and share their impact. They can rely on a toolkit that includes a branding and writing guide, key messages, templates, content strategies, new donation platform and CRM, and a crisis communications plan. Engagement is managed through a database with thousands of contacts to communicate with donors, stakeholders and program participants.


I was inspired by Diana’s commitment to our organization and our community at the time of the pandemic.  She quickly was able to shift strategies from what we had planned, to what we needed at the time.  With grace and humour, she helped us to deliver clear communication of our essential services seamlessly at a very chaotic time.  Her calm demeanour and steadfastness that she demonstrated in her process of building a communication plan for us was integral to our success as an organization.  She was able at a high level able to make things happen, while at the same time making sure our smallest needs were met.

– Lori Pyne, Whistler Community Services Society

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