Case Study

Amplifying a Brand’s Voice to Support Growth


A twenty-five year-old nonprofit was growing its team to play a bigger game. It needed guidance to design and create more tools and assets to show up in a consistent and compelling way, with standards for writing and content creation, visual assets and design as well as photography. A more formalized and structured approach to engagement would also deliver better outcomes and deeper connections with target audiences.


  • Designed workshops to guide the leadership and staff on brand strategy
  • Supported the team to refine and build key elements of the organization’s brand foundation
  • Developed a branding and communications guide to support the board of directors and team members to tell compelling stories rooted in organizational values
  • Created an engagement plan with tactical recommendations


The team now have tools to  strengthen and amplify a respected and trusted brand, key messages to consistently conveyed to target audiences, an approach to reach out and deepen engagement with different audiences, and ideas to inform and educate funders and partners with evidence about the non-profit’s impact.



Choose to play a bigger game

Refine your organization’s purpose. Then start with the strategy. Set audacious goals.

Cut through the clutter!

Be seen and heard in your best light. Come out of the shadows. Get ideas planted and sprouting.

Amplify your impact

Go beyond likes and emojis. Find meaningful, authentic ways to engage.

Cultivate fresh thinking

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