My mission is to plant ideas for positive change.  I do this by advising purpose-driven leaders how to market and grow their business consciously.

Seeds Consulting was founded after I grew frustrated from my experience in the corporate world. I often held back instead of asking the burning questions that needed to be asked. Why aim to grow at all cost?  Why build a hierarchy? Why put profits before people and planet? Why not take responsibility for market externalities? Why do things the way they’ve always been done?

I see a future where businesses lead with their purpose and are proud of how they make a difference in the world. Businesses can be a force for good: success does not need to come at the expense of social or environmental progress. It’s my belief that slow, conscious and careful growth is the way companies will thrive for the long haul.


Seeds Principal Strategist, Diana Mulvey

I have an MBA in Strategic Planning combined with 20 years of experience in marketing and communications. I have a track record of creating breakthrough marketing strategies, deepening engagement with target audiences and strengthening community relationships.

I have worked with leaders at a range of organizations, including government, non- profits and industry-leading companies in technology, finance, retail and tourism.

I draw upon a range of experience to achieve measurable results for clients. Comfortable in the boardroom or with sleeves rolled up in the back room, I have the ability to coach leaders and inspire staff at all levels.


I am nimble and flexible in my approach to working with clients. I create a team of experts to meet each client’s specific needs, ensuring you have the right talent working on your communications and marketing projects when you need them.

Unlike other full-service agencies, my clients get quality results without paying for expensive retainers, a fancy office or hefty overhead costs. I work with like-minded professionals to deliver on promises and meet client expectations.  Ask about my network for experts in brand design, photography and videography, website development, social median management, media relations, and public engagement.

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