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My story

Diana Mulvey: Owner, Principal Advisor

Looking back, I was a naive teen. My very first job, I saw things I didn’t like. My boss took advantage of a mostly-immigrant workforce. He found a loophole to avoid paying them overtime. I wasn’t sure how to use my voice or give support.

That experience was pivotal. As my career took shape, I found jobs that were aligned with my values. Chose to work with inspirational leaders. Put my hand up, used my voice. Questioned the status quo. Took on projects that could make a difference.

I started Seeds Consulting in 2007. Embedding consciousness into corporate growth was my tag line. That raised eyebrows. Can business have a conscience?

Of course it can. Now more than ever, we know we can throw out old mindsets that no longer serve us. Focus on using business as a force for good. Hit reset and build back better.

For the home stretch of my career, I’m more focused than ever. I work with people driven by purpose. Individuals who care deeply about their impact in the world. Together, we start with the foundation. Get grounded. Then we plant seeds and find the best way forward for conscious growth.

My work

I advise visionary leaders. I’m the left brain thinker. The one who is thoughtful, methodical. I help leaders to shape their organization’s impact and tell their story.

My clients are the creatives, those who play with radical ideas and innovation. They want to change the world tomorrow. They lean on me for perspective, systematic thinking. We design strategies and plans that inspire teams, focus resources and drive measurable results.

These days, I facilitate a lot of meetings and workshops designed to invite diverse perspectives, harness creativity and capture the wisdom in the room. Meetings that encourage learning from each other and build trust and connection.
Together, we tap into our deepest desires for the world. We find a better way forward to leave a positive impact that lasts for generations to come. 

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