Case Study

Refining the story to strengthen a mature brand


An established consultancy is determined to preserve four decades of experience and satisfied clientele through a change in leadership.


  • Advised a 37-year old environmental consulting firm on its branding initiative.
  • Introduced marketing strategy and planning tools to help celebrate its history as well as strengthen its brand and industry presence.


Created a voice and tone guide to build their team’s capacity to develop compelling marketing content that will attract the right target audience. Outlined a 12-month marketing plan to reach and engage with its core audience. The team can promote and showcase its expertise and depth of experience with target clients.


I was deeply impressed by Diana’s clarity, creativity, strategic insights, and ability to enable ESSA so we could strengthen our brand identity and marketing. Her work has helped unify staff around a common purpose which we can now use to more clearly and consistently express who we are to the world.  Thank you so much!

– Marc Nelitz, ESSA

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