Why We All Need to Celebrate Earth Day

Atmospheric rivers, drought, wildfires, heat domes, poor air quality and more… These are challenges the tourism partners I work with face every day. Planning for scenarios like weather extremes has become an essential part of our collaborative efforts in destination development and management. The realities of climate change can be daunting and sometimes paralyzing.

I think the antidote to fear is action. Doing something small or large every day feels empowering. It generates a sense of optimism even with the challenges we all face.

To give back in my community, I volunteer with a local environmental non-profit in Whistler, the Association of Whistler Area Residents for the Environment (AWARE).

🌎 Every April 22, individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life unite in a global effort to advance sustainability and climate action, marking the annual Earth Day.

This year, AWARE has rallied community partners to come together and celebrate Earth Day in Whistler for series of events that appeal to different audiences in the community. Motivating community members to get involved in climate action is a key goal for the campaign.

🏔 Whether you are a local or a visitor who loves Whistler and wants to help protect this beautiful mountain playground, here’s how to get involved and support AWARE:

Learn more and take action!

We’re aiming to raise $30,000 and motivate community members to come together and get involved in local climate actions.

Donated funds are essential to help AWARE:

  • Develop and train its team and network of volunteers.
  • Participate in municipal committees of council and keep community members informed
  • Design new programs and projects to fill gaps in our community.
  • Bring attention to conservation issues in Whistler.
  • Provide input into decisions that impact the natural environment.